Solar Senior Industry: Conceptually energy for you. Design of all kinds of facilities, and if desired, turnkey optimization of existing, power kits, solar irrigation facilities isolated on consumption facilities in urban areas with no grid feed consumption and feed-in operation.

Solar Senior Industry | Instalaciones de energía solar

A solar energy project must have good planning, due to the large number of factors to consider.

Factors such as the purchase of the right components for the project, inspection, testing, quality control, final installation and commissioning. We can summarize these as the tasks for optimal launch and subsequent success of solar energy project.


Senior Solar Industry Since we handle the supervision and control of the system and its components, accepting or rejecting any of them that does not meet minimum technical and quality requirements.

In Solar Senior Industry have experience in specific facilities such as solar thermal energy for hot sanitary or other uses, photovoltaic plants water plants burglar alarms, solar irrigation, etc. We also have experience in developing large systems, from inception to commissioning, “Key on hand”, and subsequent maintenance.

Solar energy installations.

In Solar Industry Senior offer our customers manage their solar energy project, from inception to implementation, in a safe and guaranteed way, and subsequent maintenance

  • Facilities for consumption in isolated rural, agricultural and pastoral areas.
  • Facilities for consumption in urban areas without grid injection and injection network.
  • Urban facilities independent of the mains.
  • Irrigation facilities, production plants and any solution tailored to your needs.

If you need professional help for the proper development of its solar energy project, you can count on our expertise, experience and professionalism.

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If you have any inquiry, proposal or suggestion, please contact Senior Industry through:Energía Solar Senior Industry
  • Dirección: C/ Río Rosas Nº34. 28003 Madrid, Madrid (España)
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  • info@seniorindustry.com

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